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Product Animations

Using product animations are a great way to overcome the difficulties of explaining the complexities of a product to a prospect or customer.  Not only does it give you the edge in communications, it also gives your brand digital assets that can be used across multiple channels. Social, exhibitions, websites for starters. This is a must for engaging multiple audiences.

Product Animations can also be used across international territories where translations or voiceovers can play a huge part in articulating your product. The above example of the UTS-One7 that we branded and created the product animation for was showcased at an exhibition in Mexico. The Spanish version of this product animation played a huge part in their marketing efforts not only for the exhibition, but social media campaigns and press too.

Here are some tips for creating your product animation.

01. What’s the purpose of your product animation?
Start with the end in mind. Is it to launch or support a specific campaign? Is it an attempt at solving a particular problem? What are the key messages about the product that need to come across in the product animation? The more context your agency can have to understand, the better. If the product animation is for online use as most are nowadays, then you need to consider what your online marketing aims are. For example, brand awareness, to get SEO traffic and links or to build trust in your brand and so help conversion. Each purpose will require a different approach to both the product animation and marketing.

02. Who is the product animation aimed at?
You probably have various audiences that need marketing to – across various channels. What, if anything do they know about you or your product?

03. What needs to be included?
It helps if you have some ideas about what content you want in your product animation.

04. How would you like it to be narrated?
Do you have a preference about how your product animation will be narrated? Will it be voiceover? Subtitled or both?

05. What style would you like it to have?
There are various styles to product animations. From complex photo realistic 3d animations using CAD drawings right down to simple 2d vector based animation. Talk to your agency about what can be achieved within your budget and timescale.

If you’re planning a product animation and you need further assistance, please contact us for more information on how we may help.


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