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know-how hub

The know-how hub is a digital content platform for Plastribution to house thought leadership and premium insight for members.

know-how is a concept we created a number of years ago to substantiate Plastribution’s ‘number 1’ position in their market. Over the years, the sub-brand has grown to include Price know-how – a monthly economic and up-to-date market data report for the industry, technical know-how, industry know-how and processing know-how to name a few. With such a huge collection of valuable content, the need to collate, distribute and understand what users wanted to read was extremely important.

The production of content also amplifies their SEO capabilities to attract new prospects and readers to the business.

The know-how hub allows users to sign up and specify their industry interests and preferences for instant access to relevant content. This also gives Plastribution the opportunity to notify users when relevant content is available for them to read. As with all our digital products, the hub is accessible on tablet and mobile formats for todays ‘on the go’ consumers.

Project Services

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