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  • write a brand story

    Write a Brand Story

    How to write a brand story that builds emotional connections with your audience.

  • Brand consistency

    Brand Consistency

    Maintaining brand consistency doesn’t need to be a chore. Here’s some tips that can help you.

  • Internal Brand Communications

    We’ve been working on a digital product here for nearly 12 months. It has inspired me to write this post on Internal Brand Communications.

  • True branding

    True branding is a collectively held idea of a company by it’s customers, stakeholders, employees and anyone else that can form an opinion. There’s a real misconception not only in the creative industries, but in business as to what true branding is. Branding is not a logo, a typeface or a set of colours. The…

  • Brand development

    Brand development programme A brand development programme will typically follow a number of stages. At Voice, we have defined our own methodology and process called real world thinking. Our insight-driven real world thinking process draws out what genuinely matters in your market, in your business and to your customers, so we become immersed in your world.…

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