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Brand photography

Over the summer we had the opportunity to work with a brand called Pubs on Wheels on their brand photography. The name should suggest all. A pub on wheels. So, what comes to mind? A van with a crate of beers onboard? A cute little VW camper van dishing out Prosecco through a hatch? How about an award winning innovative and versatile mobile pub created from former MOD trucks.

Own brand photography

With the abundance of stock photography littering the internet, it has never been so important to have your own brand photography for a number of reasons.

  1. Your product is complex and bespoke. In the pubs on wheels example, the trucks can literally go anywhere – No matter the weather, no matter the terrain is part of their proposition. On the beach, in the streets, in a field. On one occasion, we witnessed the truck setting up on a sandy volleyball court, on the brow of a hill. The pubs on wheels brand also boasts an arrival to operational time of 3 hours. With patented technology such as rear loading fridges, for those busy times behind the bar, documenting this type of innovation though brand photography is crucial.
  2. Brand activation and experiences. In the case of pubs on wheels, you will see them at festivals up and down the UK, Royal Ascot and other prestigious events – through to intimate wedding and parties. Each event will naturally have their own personality, location and ‘punters’. Each event tells a separate story. Weave these individual experiences into your case studies, web pages and sales & marketing literature.
  3. Sales & Marketing. Brand photography tells your story to your prospects and customers. Working with a photographer, art-director and creative/marketing teams you can also decide on other uses for your photography. There’s a huge difference between shooting for on-line and print. Understanding this will save you re-shooting your brand photography again – and of course paying twice! In my opinion, always think big. In that, i mean shoot at the highest resolution possible – you can aways reduce the size of your images.
  4. Social Media & Online. Authentic, rich own brand photography. None of this ‘repost’ stuff you see everywhere. Document and tell your authentic brand story through original brand photography. There’s no excuse i’m afraid – and it can damage your brand and credibility if you choose not to. I once went to a business aviation exhibition in Geneva where I saw at least 3 exhibitors showing the SAME private jet image from a stock website.

If you’re planning a shoot for your brand and need some assistance – in the form planning your photoshoot, hiring a photographer and art director through to image retouching, post production, please get in touch, we would love to help.