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  • Influencer Marketing Videos

    Influencer Marketing Videos

    During August, I had the opportunity to fly to New York City to help film a series of interviews with some of the most influential financial traders on Wall Street. It was part of an influencer marketing video campaign.

  • why brand stories matter

    Why brand stories matter

    Story telling is nothing new, we’ve been doing it for centuries, but there’s been a real shift in the importance of ‘brand stories’.

  • branding for a digital world

    Branding for a digital world

    The world is changing and fast. Technology is moving at a rate we struggle to keep up with on a day to day level, mobiles, tablets, virtual reality – reality in general. The amount of information we consume on a daily basis is increasing, but our retention rate is decreasing.

  • Brand Guidelines

    Brand Guidelines

    The importance of brand guidelines for your business mustn’t be underestimated. The integrity of your brand must be maintained by everyone that has an involvement in brand related activity – and a comprehensive set of guidelines should explain how to achieve the best for your brand.

  • write a brand story

    Write a Brand Story

    How to write a brand story that builds emotional connections with your audience.

  • Brand consistency

    Brand Consistency

    Maintaining brand consistency doesn’t need to be a chore. Here’s some tips that can help you.

  • Agent and Distributor Marketing

    Agent and Distributor Marketing

    Agent and distributor marketing communications needs to be designed and delivered in a way that gives autonomy to your network under strict brand guidance.

  • outsourcing marketing

    Outsourcing marketing

    Outsourcing your marketing can be a daunting task. Here’s some insight to help with your decision.

  • content marketing for manufacturing brands

    Content marketing for manufacturing brands

    Content marketing for manufacturing companies should be a huge part of your sales and marketing strategy if you’re in the manufacturing sector.

  • Digital real estate

    Digital real estate

    Digital real estate. There are now more smart phones that people on planet earth. Make sure you and your business looks good on one.