The business world is indeed becoming a much smaller place, and for engineering and marketing firms, just like all others, the increased opportunities that it brings also carries real risks – the most catastrophic, missing out on sales opportunities and being left behind.

That’s why, to keep the order book full and profits healthy, it’s vital that engineering and manufacturing firms develop marketing strategies that get them and their products noticed in the crowded marketplace that at one time was limited to county or country borders but that now is open to firms all over the world.

Of benefit to manufacturing firms in the UK is the long-held, and largely accurate, view that products are made to a superior standard, and this has the effect of attracting global business attention to the country – and with re-shoring on the rise, there are now added advantages.

But devising an effective manufacturing marketing strategy a complex, if not perplexing, affair. There’s offline – printed media, television, billboards and many others – and the increasingly dominant online: pay per click, search engine optimisation, social media and all the other tools. Finding the right balance in this multi-element marketing mix will ensure success for any firm, but for a lot of them, it all comes down to how much cash is available to pay for it.

So, if you don’t have millions to splurge on a major marketing campaign, what can you do and where can you start? I would suggest reading this.  Or start with Google. It’s the foremost global search engine and where a large amount of people – and companies – find the products and services they’re looking for, whether locally or around the world.

It’s not as simple as it sounds, though. Basically, if you’re engaging in a manufacturing branding exercise online, your aim will be to land high in Google’s search rankings. That means page one. You’ll probably know yourself that you rarely, if ever, click past the first page of results, and it turns out that’s true for almost everyone – surveys show that up to three-quarters of users never go beyond the first page.

Manufacturing and engineering firms will therefore need to come up with highly targeted SEO techniques or to simply pay Google so that their ads are placed alongside page one search results.

That’s the ideal starting point for company marketing, and from there you can expand your efforts right across the online spectrum, including social media, and support it with occasional offline placements. Hiring a professional marketing firm to handle digital and real-world campaigns, however, can be a lifesaver for many firms.

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