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Our thoughts and opinions on what’s happening in the real-world.

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  • Voice Digital Agency

    We’re often asked what a digital agency is. It doesn’t mean we focus entirely on web site design or app development – it means that the work we do for clients has to work hard across the many digital platforms that are available.

  • wordpress website voice

    WordPress website

    With a rapidly growing customer base that powers over 26% of the entire web, developing a wordpress website is a very popular choice for your business. Lets take a look why.

  • Digital business tools

    Digital business tools

    Business has changed … forever. We’re constantly connected and accessible via technology and digital means. The problem is, most businesses haven’t embraced digital.

  • Agency and client collaboration

    I felt compelled to write this article on agency and client collaboration. We’ve recently been working on a large website project for a PLC.

  • Marketing for the manufacturing industry

    Growth is returning to the British manufacturing sector. The advancement in technology, alongside an improving economy is giving a continued boost to the manufacturing industry. As a result, it’s giving raise to more opportunities for manufacturers to seize. The otherside of this is the consequential increase in competition. Adding complication to that is the changing balance…

  • Google to reward mobile friendly sites

    What you need to know This week is set for Google to reward mobile friendly sites. This post talks about what you need to know and a basic guide to implementing a mobile website or responsive strategy. Testing your website for mobile capabilities  The first thing to do is actually test to see if you’re website…

  • Image retouching Image retouching in today’s world Remember that saying ‘the camera never lies’ .. Well in today’s marketing world, chances are it’s all a lie. I started my career at a retouching house in London. And at that time photoshop was so primitive, it didn’t even have layers. I spent a number of years learning about…

  • Mobile website design

    Mobile website design Web design has changed. Not just on the desktop, but mobile website design too. We live in a multi-screen world these days and ‘responsive’ design has changed the way you need to think about your website. Oh, and Google is expecting your website to be responsive too. So what is responsive web…

  • True branding

    True branding is a collectively held idea of a company by it’s customers, stakeholders, employees and anyone else that can form an opinion. There’s a real misconception not only in the creative industries, but in business as to what true branding is. Branding is not a logo, a typeface or a set of colours. The…

  • Brand development

    Brand development programme A brand development programme will typically follow a number of stages. At Voice, we have defined our own methodology and process called real world thinking. Our insight-driven real world thinking process draws out what genuinely matters in your market, in your business and to your customers, so we become immersed in your world.…